Big Firsts, with Tricia Khleif

Listen here! Thinking about the first day of class and how to set the tone for a new semester? Check out our wide-ranging conversation with Tricia Khleif! We discuss teaching personae, building community in our classrooms, and much, much more about how we try to get our relationships with our students off to a productiveContinue reading “Big Firsts, with Tricia Khleif”

Teaser: Introducing Behind the Scaffolding!

Listen here! Learn what this podcast is all about! And for a deeper look at how scaffolding works in writing classrooms, check out Chapter 2: Designing and Writing Assignment Sequences, in Katherine Gottshalk’s and Keith Hjortshoj’s The Elements of Teaching Writing: A Resource For Instructors In All Disciplines. Also, check out the Sweetland Center for Writing’s practical guidelines for scaffoldingContinue reading “Teaser: Introducing Behind the Scaffolding!”